Local Flavors

Adana Kebab

You can find a kebab restaurant all over Turkey but kebab you eat in Adana with is ingredients, preparation, taste and presentation is a distinguished product of Adana culture. Obviously kebab is eaten in Adana.




Adana Style Kibbeh

Eastern Mediterranean as well as eastern cities have their own stly of Kibbeh. Adana style Kibbeh has its own taste and preparation. Adana style kibbeh differs from the others. After filling the inside it is sealed and boiled in lemon juice added water. It is served warm.





Sirdan is a unique food for Adana and is made from lamb offal. Sırdan is an industry on its own in Adana. It is said that due to demand sirdan within Adana is not enough for local consumption that from outer cities supply is provided to meet demand. Summer or winter on every corner sirdan can be found.





Adana’s symbolic drink and vitamin depo carrot madedrink that provides immune resistance during seasonal changes against common cold and flu. Salgam is made with purple carrots.





Aşlama is a unique drink to Adana. It is made with licorice. Licorice is care Fully cleaned and added to 10 liters of water. After 1-2 hours of waiting the mixture is filtered with a cloth and served cold.





Bici Bici

A dessert made from crushed ice Bici Bici is unigue to Adana eaten during summer.