Local Events


Throught specific dates of the year there are annual local and interation One of the most famouns of the these festivals are “International Golden Boll Film Festival” and Orange Blossom Carnival.

Golden Pod Film Festıval

“Golden Pod Film Festival” was first established in 1969 as “Golden Pod Film Festivity” by the leadership of Adana Municipality and Adana Cinema Club. Adana Golden Pod Film Festival includes Mediterranean country films as well as Unıted States, japanese films, sectors stakeholders and professionals within is activites. Festıval is done annually and accommodates Turkısh moviemakers as well as European guests.



Orange  Blossom Festival

Adana is one of the most.Beatiful cities in April. The beaitiful smell of orange blossoms have an enchanting smell. It cleanses your soul.You feel younger. You become purified. April is the most beatiful season in Adana. It’s  orange blossom season. The Adanalı (people of Adana) flock back to Adana whenever it’s orange blossom season, no matter where they live in Turkey or the World…Just so they don’t miss this once-a-year event that lasts for two weeks the most. While the days of the orange blossom season varies depending on the climate, it’s genarally between 5-20 April.


Sabanci İnternational Theatre Festival

State theater’s stance with their long,rooted,principled and success ful past is a source of pride for our great nation.State Theatres Sabanci International Adana Theatre Festival gets conducted between last week of March and first week of April. Further information can be found through.