Transportation - Urban Transport

INNER CITY (Metro/Bus/Taxi)

Taxi, bus, minibüs and airline transit services are available from the Adana airport to Adana city center. For trips between Airport-city center: taxi fares are available by the Airport Taxi. For trips between Airport-city Center: Airport-Balcalı bus number 135 is available. For trips between Airport-City: Meydan Minibuses are avail-able.

For inner city mass transportation metro, Municipal buses, Private Public buses, Mini Busses and Taxi caps are available. On municipal and private buses fares can be paid drectly or through Adana City Card. For municipal bus and metro drection, departure times please visit: address.

Another tool for inner city travel is by Taxis. Taxi fares are set on the amount of distance travelled by a taximeter. After 24:00 night tariff which accounts for double the price of day time tariff applies.