Governor of Adana

Adana is a "Nominee for becoming a center for Health Tourism"

With technologies head turning speed of development, parallel to worl becoming "smaller" with haste, "diversity in tourism and alternative tourism" concepts are being laid to the table presently. Therefore health tourisms importance is developing in acceleration in the last years. Health investments conducted by public and private sectors with hospital and bed capacities are rising higher each year. Our Adana with private, public and university hospitals provide doctors, midwives and nurses with modern equipment and facilities provide quality health services and are a reflection of Adana's future in terms of health tourism. Cure seekers attention from the Middle East, European countries  and Turkish republics to our city reflect us the fortunate indicator that out Adana is a nominee for becoming ahealthcare capital.

Presently continuing construction of Adana Integrated Health Campus is carried on with its 550 bed capacity is composed of a Main Hospital, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Hospital and High Security Forensic Psychiatry Hospital with three separate buildings providing Cardiology, Cardiovascular, Obstetrics and Childcare units with common diagnosis & Treatment Center as well as health support facilities, commerce areas, technical service building and helicopter platforms. With this kind of a magnitude, Adana's dedicated steps towards becoming a center for health tourism and global health services can be clearly seen.

In today's world the concept of tourism can't be solely cansidered in facts of sea, and sun; in order to benefit from every sort of tourism emphasis needs to be put forward on effort. I would like to express my happiness for cure seekers from around the world with quality documented health services to be guests within our city.


    Governor of Adana