Minister of Health Prof. Dr. Recep Akdag found in Adana City Hospital

Minister of Health Prof. Dr. Recep AKDAĞ, Adana City Hospital in the district of Yüreğir in the provinces, studies, received information from the authorities.

Governor Mahmut DEMİRTAŞ, Adana deputy Prof.Dr. Dr. Prof. Dr. Necdet ÜNÜVAR and the Minister of Health who are present at the examinations together with representatives of public organizations. Dr. Recep AKDAĞ stated that they are preparing a health transformation in a way that is appropriate for the new turnover and said "We are going to a new era and when we arrived in 2002, there were ward type hospitals in Turkey and we had a lot of efforts for our hospitals to be serviceable places. One of the most characteristic features of the new era will be the city hospitals with 41 thousand beds planned so far and the first one will be in the service of our citizens with the opening of the official opening with the President of the Republic of Turkey and the Prime Minister of in Mersin on February 3, said.

Adana City Hospital in the fall of 2017 will enter the service of the Adana and the region's Minister of Health Professor. Dr. Recep AKDAĞ said, "This is a planned hospital with a thousand beds of 550 beds, perhaps a thousand beds ... There are intensive care beds on two hundreds, with a capacity of 15 thousand patients per day, 500 of which can be emergency patients. We will be able to show the number of such hospitals in the world.We hope to build a perfect hospital.In hopefully next February in Mersin, in Adana, our hospitals will serve our citizens.These two giant hospitals, two mega projects, close to 6 million in the region We will serve our citizen.This is an important capacity.We will develop this capacity in such a wave.We will put 6 to 8 of our regional hospitals in service in 2017. We will have approximately 30 projects served by 2020, I say to our brothers and sisters in Adana that we should be good to our Mersin brothers. "

Minister of Health Prof. Dr. Recep AKDAĞ, Governor Mahmut DEMİRTAŞ and Adana deputy Prof. Dr. Necdet ÜNÜVAR left the city, thanking them for their successful work on the way to the completion of Adana City Hospital.