We Get Ready For Giant Steps In Health Tourism Area

General manager of Healthcare Service Improvement Unit from Ministry of Health, Ass. Prof. Dr. Hacı Ömer Tontuş  mentioned Turkey is ready to make a break through in health tourism and our health tourism  incentive system   serve as a model to other countries .

General manager of Healthcare Service Improvement Unit from Ministry of Health, Ass. Prof. Dr. Hacı Ömer Tontuş indicated health tourism is one of the largest sector  following  patrol and coffee trade with over  100 million dolar size of market. Mr. Hacı Ömer Tontuş also mentioned that  countries like Israel , India , South Korea, Malaysia  follow footsteps of Turkey’s  health tourism incentive system  .

In Turkey  it’s misunderstood that health tourism only serves patient applied to the  hospitals. However  health tourism generally  work  on rehabilitation  , especially  addiction  and  elderly  health problem . Thermal , elderly  and  disabled tourism  and  recovery from addiction  ,very important issue worldwide from Turkey’s point of view  .There are 5 subtopics when medical tourism added .

Who are the competitors of Turkey?

After patrol and coffee trade, health tourism  became  following  trend  topic  and  moves  ahead of otomotive sector. Turkey also wants to be a part of this sector. For example South Amerika , India , Thailand and Malaysia are also important actors in the sector. However Turkey is the biggest actor among neighbourhood countries. Also in our region tehre are old eastern bloc countries and the Balkans one side , and in the other side there arecontries lik  Middle east countries , Ukrania and Georgia in the North .

Is there enough awareness  about Health tourism ?

There is enough awareness in Turkey about Health tourism however  uncordinated awareness is  created  in the sector. Our all goal depends  on  managing this  sector in coordinated manner  with circular  issued by Misinstry of health in February 2015 . Turkey doesn’t  have the  place as required .This coordination problems will be solved in the future . Because now we have a coordination commitee and this sector won’t be unattendent

How HEALTH SUMEX 2016 will contribute to our Health sector improvement ?

This  time it’s important that  well-organised groups should  come to the table . With this we ‘ll  recieve functional outcomes . Turkey has 5 hospitals which British tourists mainly  admitted . We  assigned these hospitals . İf we come on table with those hospitals we can give massage of ‘ we assigned and  made the reforms so you can trust ‘ . Especially for Ankara i believe that this activity will be a  milestone .